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51-km train journey with black cobra horrifies passengers in Bihar

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PATNA: Hundreds of passengers aboard an express train in Bihar had a nightmarish experience on Saturday when they found a deadly cobra travelling with them for nothing less 51 kilometers.

It was only after the train stopped at the next station that the horrified passengers jumped out of the train and narrated their spine-chilling experience to the railway authorities who later killed the snake.

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Witnesses said the deadly black cobra was found hissing in the crowded general coach of Awadh-Assam Express once the train left the Muzaffarpur station on Saturday morning.

Immediately the train picked up speed as the terrified passengers could not get time to jump out of the train.

With the general boggy crowded with passengers and their movements annoying the reptile grabbing its seat under a berth, the cobra began hissing, leaving the passengers panic-struck.

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In the next one-and-a-half hours, the panicky passengers continued fleeing helter-skelter in the boggy to escape being bitten.

Finally when the train slowed down at the next station at Samastipur, the passengers began jumping out of the bogey.

Within no time, the entire boggy got emptied after which some passengers informed the railway officials about the presence of snake in the train.

Subsequently, a group of railway staffs boarded the train and tried hard to drive away the snake but as it remained adamant on its position, they finally killed the cobra. It was only then that the passengers heaved a sigh of relief.

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