Aides who landed in jail to ‘serve’ Lalu Prasad disappear after release from prison

Aides who landed in jail to ‘serve’ Lalu Prasad disappear after release from prison

PATNA: Two “aides” of RJD chief Lalu Prasad who went to Ranchi central jail allegedly to “serve”  him in prison have been freed by the jail administration but they have gone missing soon after coming out of jail.

Madan Yadav and Laxman Kumar had landed themselves in jail on “fake” cases well before the RJD could reach there, police have said.

On Wednesday evening, both were released from jail after a police complaint which they used to get them in jail was found to be “fake” during the police investigation.

Police said both the men had hatched a plot to somehow land in the same jail on December 23—the day Prasad was convicted in the case and sent to the jail.

According to the police, both took help of their acquaintance identified as Sumit Yadav to “cook up” a false complain and register the same with the police.

In the complaint filed with the police, Sumit alleged the due assaulted him and also robbed Rs10,000 from him when he reached them in the morning and asked for his pending amount.

“We have found that the case lodged by Sumit was false and no incident of brawl between the parties took place. We will initiate action against all of them,” Ranchi’s senior superintendent of police Kuldip Dwivedi told the media yesterday adding the case was found to be false during the police investigation.

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