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Believe it or not: Naughty rats turn ‘jewel thieves’ in Bihar

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PATNA: Naughty rats are in the news again in Bihar—now they have turned “jewel thieves”!

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Reports said a pair of diamond ear tops went missing from a jewellery shop located in the Boring Road locality of Patna on Sunday.

An anxious shop owner launched extensive searches for them but failed to locate them.

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His needle of suspicion then moved towards the office staffs but they all replied in the negative when inquired about the missing diamond ornaments.

Eventually, the shopkeeper went on scanning the video footages of the CCTV cameras installed at his shop and to his surprise saw a rat coming to the shop counter and then walking away with a packet containing diamond jewels in its mouth.

The rat was last seen vanishing inside the false ceiling of his shop but the shopkeeper failed to trace the ornaments despite all his best efforts.

“I can’t believe that rats too can steal precious jewellery from my shop,” said a bewildered shopkeeper Dhiraj Kumar.

Rats were earlier blamed for guzzling millions of liquor pouches and beer cans by putting holes through their sharp teeth.

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