Bheem who saved lives of train passengers wants to study and get job

Bheem who saved lives of train passengers wants to study and get job

PATNA: “Chhota Bheem”, a 12-year-old schoolboy from Bihar who saved the lives of train passengers wants proper education and nothing else.

Bheem Yadav, who studies in class five at a local government middle school in West Champaran district is concerned about his education as his parents are too poor to arrange for his all study materials and bear expenses incurred on his study.

His father Janardan Yadav is a labourer who works in the fields of other villager to eke out living for his family.

“I love studying and want to get a good job after completing my study. Mathematics and science are my favourite subjects but my parents are poor to arrange for my study materials,” the boy was quoted as telling the Gulf News.

According to him, he is happy that everyone in the village is now praising him for saving the lives of train passengers. “This is the big recognition for me,” he said.

He said he was encouraged to work for the society after he recently visited the village of his relative and found the villagers discussing about the bravery of a boy.

The boy was going towards his orchards when he detected the railway track broken on the Gorakhpur-Narkatiaganj railway line and ran on the tracks, flagging his shirt to make the speeding train halt instantly and the save the lives of passengers.

Featured image caption: Brave boy Bheem at his school

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