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Is Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar planning for another ‘U-turn’?

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PATNA: Is chief minister Nitish Kumar who heads the NDA government in Bihar contemplating about another U-turn in near future?

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The issue has generated hot debates in the political circles in view of repeated claims by Bihar opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav. In the past four days, Tejashwi has questioned the “intention” of the chief minister twice.

“The chief minister is thinking about another U-turn but we must tell him very frankly that the door of the Grand Alliance is tightly shut on Chacha (uncle),” RJD lawmaker Tejashwi was quoted as saying in the local media on Saturday.

He has made similar allegations earlier this week. “The Bihar chief minister after breaking alliance with the RJD last year had said nobody in the country had guts to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With all humility, I want to ask Nitishji what’s your take now? Are you thinking about another U-turn?” was how Tejashwi had tweeted on Tuesday.

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The RJD leader posed this question shortly after the results of assembly elections to three states were announced, where the Congress defeated the well-entrenched BJP. The BJP was ousted from power in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

This is the third time in the past six months that “remours” about the chief minister trying to return to the opposition Grand Alliance has surfaced.

Earlier in June such stories made headlines in the local media after the chief minister called up ailing RJD Lalu Prasad recuperating at a hospital in Mumbai, inviting derision from the RJD.

Kumar who returned to power in November 2015 after winning the assembly elections with the help of the RJD and the Congress had quit the Grand Alliance in July last year saying he can’t stay in the company of the “corrupt” RJD.

Within hours of quitting this alliance, however, he returned to the BJP-led NDA and formed a new government in the state with the BJP support, leaving the RJD—the single largest party in the Bihar assembly, in the opposition overnight.

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