Bihar deploys specially-trained dogs to curb liquor smuggling

Bihar deploys specially-trained dogs to curb liquor smuggling


PATNA: Bihar has deployed as many as 20 specially-trained dogs to put a curb on smuggle of liquor in the state which enforced total alcohol ban some three years back.

All these dogs have been imparted special training in tracking liquor for nine month in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

The dog squad reached Patna earlier this week after which they were deployed in nine highly sensitive districts.

“Bihar is the first Indian state which has raised a special dog squad trained in detecting liquor. Now we are taking their services to nab liquor smugglers,” Bihar’s additional general of Crime Investigation Department Vinay Kumar told the media on Saturday.

According to media reports, the police department was forced to raise this special dog squad alarmed at the continuous flow of liquor in “dry” Bihar despite its draconian law to ban liquor in the state.

Authorities have seized more than 3 million litres of illegal alcohol since the state imposed a total prohibition in April 2016.

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