Bihar school painted as train compartments to let students feel ‘pleasure of learning’

Bihar school painted as train compartments to let students feel ‘pleasure of learning’

PATNA: Authorities in Bihar have designed the classrooms of a government school like train compartments with the objectives to attract children to school and make them enjoy the “pleasure of leaning”.

Government Middle School, Mohiuddinagar located in Samastipyur district, some 120 km east of Patna, has suddenly turned into a centre of attraction for its typical look with the children only too interested to grab seats in various compartment of the “Education Express” which the school has named. Although the school has a total of 27 classrooms, eight of them have been given the shape of the train compartment nicknamed “Child Friendly Compartments”.

Curiosity among the children of the school which imparts teaching from Grade One to Grade Eight is only seen to be believed. School teachers said since the classrooms were painted in the shape of the train bogies, there is a sudden scramble among the students to reach the school on time and grab the seats in the classroom.

“We find the children coming to school happier than before and that’s what we wanted,” said school principal Ram Pravesh Thakur who is the brainchild of the idea.

“Just as traveling is a pleasure, we wanted the students to experience the same delight while learning as well, and hence adopted the idea,” he explained adding the there been remarked improvement in attendance of students since he got school’s classroom painted like a train.

The principal said he discussed the idea with various artists before giving it the concrete shape. At presently, there are 400 boys and 350 girls enrolled in the school running since 1925.

The school administration painted the school while it was closed during the recent spell of cold waves this winter.  Authorities said around Rs10,000 was spent on giving a new look to the school.

Despite various efforts launched by the state government in the past, poor attendance and drop-out rates remain a matter of serious concern in Bihar. As per reports, more than 200,000 children are still out of schools.

Recently, the police department had launched a unique initiative which saw more than a million children working in roadside hotels, shops or employed as child labours admitted to the schools.

Yet another such initiate was launched earlier by the state government under which poor children were being offered One rupee coin per day to encourage them to attend school per day and improve the literacy level.

The initiative was launched in 2009 while Jitan Ram Manjhi served as the tribal welfare minister before being promoted as the chief minister of Bihar in 2014. But, they have simply failed to see deliver the desired result.

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