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Bihar university arms its staffs with bamboo sticks to tackle rowdysim on the campus

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PATNA: A university in Bihar in a bizarre move has armed all its staffs with well-oiled bamboo sticks to deal with the troublemakers in the aftermath of growing rowdism on the campus on the campus.

Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University (BNMU) located in Bihar’s Madhepura town, some 290 km north of Patna, purchased 60 bamboo sticks and handed them over to its staffs on Thursday shortly after some student leaders scuffled with the university’s pro-vice-chancellor Farooque Ali alleging lack of transparency in recruitment of staffs.

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The university administration is currently holding interviews of persons to be recruited as computer operators and drivers on contractual basis but the student unions allege transparency is not being maintained in their recruitment.

The issue eventually led alleged scuffle between the pro vice-chancellor and the student leaders on Tuesday, prompting the university administration to register a case against 25 students.

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The registration of the case has only aggravated the situation as the student groups have go on protesting on the campus, obstructing the functioning of the university.

It was apparently to deal with the growing unrest on the campus that the university registrar Neeraj Kumar, a retired army colonel, later decided to arm all its varsity staffs with bamboo sticks in self defence.

“The idea is aimed protecting the university staffs as their life is precious,” Kumar told the local media today, justifying his decision.

But the idea has only infuriated the students who have vowed to reply in similar fashion. “We are living in a democratic country, and not in a state ruled by military. We won’t tolerate such orders,” warned a student leader Sonu Yadav. Another student leader Rahul Yadav said they too know how to give a perfect reply to sticks and abuses.

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