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A Bihar village where residents don’t lock up their homes before moving out

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PATNA: A village in Bihar has not reported any crime in the past 10 years.

Sounds weird but this is 100 percent true with Katraw village located under Sahodara police station in West Champaran district, some 280 km north of Patna.

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Such has been the peaceful environ prevailing at the village is that the villagers don’t even lock their doors while moving out of their village for few days.

All they do is to just inform their neighbours. They lock up their doors only when they are out for months.

Police say the ‘ideal’ village has not witnessed any crime, such as, robbery, murder, snatching or rape, in the past one decade.

“We never visited the village with regard to any case investigation in the past one decade as no criminal case was reported to us,” the local Sahodara police station in-charge Krishna Murari Gupta told the media on Tuesday.

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The police attribute the strong clout of the village gomasta, an independent village judiciary system which was launched in 50’s, behind the peaceful environment at the village, home to 106 families hailing from all communities, such as Tharus (a tribal community), Mushahars (a Dalit community) and Muslims.

“Since India’s Independence none from the village has gone to the police station or the court to register any case as we deal with all sort of cases right at the village level itself,” claims Vinay Kumar Gauro, a village head adding he is the third generation of the family handed over the charge of village gomasta.

Local villagers say a village ‘gomasta’ enjoys unrestricted powers and his order is considered equivalent to God. “So none dares to defy his orders,” says Aniruddha Mahato, a local villager.

The local village council chief Sunil Garwal too confirmed that the village has not reported any case to the police in the past many years nor do they lock out their homes while moving out such is the trust prevailing at the village.

“Did you come across any lock hanging from the door? Here villagers don’t lock their doors. Merely informing their neighbours while moving out serves the purpose,” Garwal explained talking to a local media.

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