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Bihar villager buries wife’s body in house after denied land for cremation

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PATNA: A poor, landless villager in Bihar buried his wife’s body in his home after the co-villagers prevented him from cremating the dead on their lands.

The incident took place at Kewatgama village in Madhepura district, some 290 km north of Patna, on Tuesday.

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Officials said Sohagiya Devi, 35, died from diarrhea on Monday night after which the deceased family carried her body to a local cremation site being used by his co-villagers but they didn’t grant permission for that.

The grieving villager then requested other villagers in the neighbourhood to allow him cremate the body on their lands but they too rejected his appeal.

Left with no option, the hapless villager then carried her wife’s body back home and buried her in the backyard of his home to perform her last rites.

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“I had to bury her (wife’s) body in my home since none allowed me to cremate her body on their land. I have no land except for this small piece upon which my mud-built house stands,” Rishideo told the media on Wednesday.

According to him, he prayed to every villager who own land at the village but none showed mercy on him. “I had no option other than giving her (body) shelter in my home,” he said.

Local village council chief Rita Devi said she was writing letter to the district administration authorities to arrange for land for cremating the dead. “I am sending a request very soon,” Devi said.

According to a study conducted by a prominent Left party, the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), some 60.74% families living in the rural areas of Bihar state are landless and grossly deprived of human development indicators.

Image courtesy: Dainik Jagran

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