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Bihar woman deserts husband for lack of toilets in in-laws’ home

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PATNA: A young woman in Bihar deserted her husband after she found the toilet missing in her in-laws’ home in another classic case of how growing awareness for toilets is destroying family life.

The incident took place in Bhagalpur district, a eastern Bihar district some 250 km from Patna.

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Reports said Vineeta Kumari was married to Lalu Shah of Ashatol village in neighbouring Bhagalpur district three years back.

But her early happiness for marriage evaporated soon thereafter when she reached her new home in Bhagalpur.

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The woman was told to pick up a mug in her hand and go outside to attend natures’ call when she asked for toilets.

Soon she asked her husband to arrange for a toilet at home but the latter kept on ignoring her.

Left with no option, she finally abandoned her in-laws’ home with her two children. She has announced to return to her husband only when a toilet is constructed there.

“Due to lack of toilets at home, I had to wait for darkness to fall every day to move out of home and attend nature’s call. I kept on insisting for it for two longs but my in-laws didn’t take my request seriously. Eventually, I decided to desert my husband,” the woman was quoted as telling a newspaper.

As per reports, around 14 million households out of over 110 million population in Bihar currently don’t have toilets at home, forcing them to defecate in the open.

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