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BJP minister says those bunking Modi rally will be treated as ‘traitors’, then himself skips!

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PATNA: Union BJP minister Giriraj Singh has earned embarrassment for the party after he himself skipped the NDA rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shortly after he had said those bunking this rally will be treated as ‘traitors”.

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He has blamed his absence from the Modi rally in his home state capital on his ‘health complications’.

While seeking support of the masses in his home Nawada LS constituency for the NDA’s “Sankalp rally”— which experts say was a “big flop” in matter of crowd standard, Singh had warned to call all those “traitors” who fail to attend this rally.

“The rally will prove who ones stand with Hindustan and who ones with Pakistan. Those who attend the rally of Prime Minister Modi would mean they support India while those who skip it would obviously be backing Pakistan and will be treated as traitors,” the Union minister had told the local media.

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Strangely, he himself gave the rally a miss and claimed watching the Prime Minister addressing the rally live on TV at home.

As such, he himself broke the story when he turned to tweeter to say he didn’t participate in the rally.

“While returning to Patna from Nawada (his home LS constituency), I fell sick and failed to attend the rally addressed by the Prime Minister,” he tweeted.

The opposition launched frontal attacks on the minister for his absence from Modi rally.

“He himself had said those not attending the Modi rally will be treated as ‘traitor’. By this standard, the BJP minister has proved himself a traitor. He should clarify now when he is quitting India,” parliamentarian Pappu Yadav said today.

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