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Bonfire, electric heater for Hindu deities as severe cold wave grips Jharkhand

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PATNA: The prevailing severe cold conditions in Jharkhand state have not only affected the human beings but the Gods as well.

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Local media reported on Monday that quite many Hindu temples in Jamshedpur town have taken preventive measures to ensure the deities don’t “catch cold and fall sick”.

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The preventive measures include offering hot water to Gods, covering them with woolen clothes and getting served diets which cause warmth.

If the report is to be believed, a temple located in Bishtupur area has arranged bonfire for deities, electric heater has been arranged in Kalibadi Kadma Chandi Baba temple while special warm clothes have been arranged at Golmuri Shiva temple to keep the deities warm.

Likewise, the deities are also being bathed with hot water and being served hot diets such as hot milk, laddus made of dry fruits and butter breads stuffed with potato and fenugreek. Devotees say they are taking care of the deities since they too feel various climatic conditions.

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