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Congress has delivered what it promised, says Rahul Gandhi at Ranchi rally

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PATNA: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today said the only work Prime Minister Narendra Modi doing right now was to spread hatred in the country.

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“PM Modi has been left with only one job and that is to spread hatred. Wherever he goes, he talks of conflicts but the Congress party believes in spreading love,” Rahul told a rally in neighbouring Jharkhand on Saturday.

A significant feature of this rally was that all the opposition parties from the state attended the rally addressed by the Congress president.

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He said the Congress gave one after another landmark schemes to the nation, such as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) and Right to Food.

“And, if we are voted to power, we will ensure minimum income to the villagers and this money will be directly credited into your bank accounts. We have delivered what we have promised but Modi has always told lies,” he said.

He said the PM Modi failed to give Rs15 lakh to the every Indian and 2crore annual jobs to the youths as he himself had promised.

Further, he charged the ruling NDA government with waiving off loans of leading industrialists and working for this particular section.

He said Jharkhand is not poor though the people of the state are, and blamed it on the policies right now in place. He declared to throw out to the ruling NDA government from the Centre in the upcoming general elections.

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