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Indian cops shout ‘thain, thain’ as gun stops working right during encounter with criminals

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PATNA: The police in India’s most populous Uttar Pradesh state are really inventive!

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The innovative cops showed some extra presence of mind on Friday when their revolver got stuck right in the middle of encounter with criminals in Sambhal district and they found themselves at the mercy of the outlaws.

Showing brilliant presence of their mind, the cops suddenly begun shouting “Thain Thain”, mimicking sound of gunshots to scare away the criminal which was hiding inside the apparently sugarcane field.

In a video which has now gone viral in the social media, the cops are heard shouting ‘Thain, Thain’ and ‘Pakado, Maro’ at the top of their voice apparently to convey the message that their firearm was working.

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What was further interesting, the cops were able to nab the outlaw even with fake sounds of gunshots.

“Words like ‘maaro’ (kill) and ‘ghero’ (nab him) are said to create mental pressures on the criminals,” Sambhal’s additional superintendent of police Pankaj Kumar Pandey Kumar Pandey told news agency ANI on Sunday.

He added the cartridges being stuck in revolver is a technical fault.

The idea of UP police evoked some interesting reactions from the Twitteraris. “Really appreciated!!! Nice presence of mind..” said @kanhaiyayadav.

Another said, “Salute to them…putting own lives in danger”.

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