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Cruel mother buries baby girl alive in Bihar, villagers rescue

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PATNA: A woman buried her 90-day-old baby girl alive in Bihar as she was blind from both eyes but thanks to the local villagers, the baby could be saved. The woman is yet to be traced.

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The heart-rending incident took place at Kahkajor village in Banka district on Sunday.

Witnesses said local villagers had gone out in the field when they heard cries of baby coming from the ground.

When they dug out the grave covered with sand and stones, they found a little baby battling hard for survival.

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Villagers immediately rushed the baby to the local health centre where the doctors provided her primary medical aids. The baby is fine now.

According to doctors, the baby was possibly buried on Sunday morning but thanks to local villagers she was saved some seven hours of her ordeal.

The cruel mother possibly wanted to get rid of her baby just because she was blind but destiny willed otherwise.

Similar thing had happened in Bhojpur district last year when a newborn baby was found buried alive in a field but rescued by the local villagers. Here again it was the cries of the bay which had led to her survival.

Another baby buried alive in Sikrahana sub-division in east Champaran district, however, didn’t prove lucky as before the villagers could rush to her help, she had died.

According to villagers, the baby had been packed in a carton before being buried alive.

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