Elephant crushes drunk mahout to death after being told to dance

Elephant crushes drunk mahout to death after being told to dance

PATNA: An elephant crushed its mahout to death after he asked the tusker to dance under the influence of liquor.

The incident took place at Dehri village under the Buxur district in Bihar on Monday a , some 130 km south-west of Patna..

Reports said the mahout identified as Jhunna Shukla came drunk on Monday, stood before the tusker and ordered it to do sit-in immediately.

Witnesses said initially the elephant ignored his order but as the mahout began shouting under the influence of liquor, the animal wrapped his head in its trunk, thumped him on the ground and then put his feet on his head. He died on the spot.

According to witnesses, the animal didn’t calm down even after killing its driver and didn’t allow anyone to reach near him for over an hour.

Somehow the forest department officials brought the animal under control and it was only then that the body could be recovered and sent for autopsy to the local hospital.

“Apparently, the elephant got irritated by his order as it had noticed the differences in his (mahout) voice and found he was not in his real state of mind,” a witness told the local media.

According to villagers, the mahout had apparently consumed liquor in a neighbouring Uttar Pradesh town as Bihar has imposed blanket ban on its sale and consumption.

Featured image caption: The elephant which killed the mahout

Image courtesy: Social Media

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