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Elephant hides baby between its legs to save from herd crossing road in India

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PATNA: In a heart-warming incident, a wild elephant saved a four-year-old girl from being trampled to death from a herd of jumbos by hiding her in the space between its legs.

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The amazing incident took place along National Highway in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal earlier this week.

As per media reports, a man was returning home on his bike with his wife and four-year-old daughter after offering prayers at a temple in the neighbouring forest when a herd of elephants happened to cross the road.

The man instantly stopped his bike and let the group of jumbos pass first.

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Apparently thinking that all of them had passed, the man started his bike to go home when another herd of elephants came his way. He applied emergency brake but fell on the road.

It was at this time that an elephant from the herd came forward and hid the girl in the space between its legs while standing still.

Witnesses said the elephant continued standing protecting the baby until all elephants from his herd had passed.

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