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‘Fake encounter’ to ‘honour killing’: How Gaya cops have told fascinating stories in 26 years!

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PATNA: Police in Bihar have come under fire for “cooking up” a peculiar story after the beheaded body of a teenaged girl was found about a fortnight after she had gone missing from her home.

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While the police have gone on projecting it as a case of “honour killing”, victim family and villagers alleged the story was cooked up by the police to save its skin after the killing saw massive protests, perhaps never seen in recent past in the state.

The 16-year-old girl had gone missing from her Patwatoli-based home located in Manpur town of southern Bihar’s Gaya district on 28 December and the family members failed to trace her despite all the serious efforts on their part.

According to family members, the police were of no help when they reported the matter to them, prompting the villagers to stage a massive protests in Gaya town. The city hit the headlines when thousands of local residents took out a candle-march procession in Gaya town seeking justice for the girl.

The heavy protests saw the police swung into action and they finally recovered the headless body of the girl in bad condition. Very soon, the police arrested the parents, interrogated them and told the local media that it was a case of honour killing involving none other than the parents itself.

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The police also claimed the parents were angry since the girl had “eloped with a boy and in a fit of rage, they killed her”. The police also told the media that the girl’s father and other accused persons allegedly involved in the murder have confessed to their involvement in gruesome killing.

But, the entire story of “honour killing” appears to be now turning out to be fake with the victim’s elder sister now revealing it to the media that her parents were badly tortured in custody and given electric shocks at the police station to force them confess to their involvement in her killing.

“The police took me and my parents to the police stations and badly tortured us. While I was furiously slapped, my parents were given electric shocks. We were asked to give confessional statement that we had killed her,” alleged victim’s elder sister while talking to newsmen on Saturday. According to her, she gave a false statement to the police and in the court as “the police had threatened to declare me mentally challenged and kill my parents”.

The revelation has left the entire weaving community on the streets as they are now seeking for a fair probe into the killing and do just with the victim’s family. For the past about a week, they have shut down shops and are on the warpath, seeking for answer as to how can the police come to the conclusion without the autopsy report. The senior police officials too are now suspecting the “honour killing” theory as floated by the cops and have ordered for a special investigation.

This was the third time in recent years that the Gaya police have come under fire for all the wrong reasons. In December 1993, the police had gunned down three businessmen on the GT-Road in Gaya in a fake encounter after they refused to pay extortion money to the cops. During the investigation, the encounter story was found to be false after which six policemen involved in the case were handed out death sentence by the court. Their death sentence though was converted into life imprisonment by the Supreme Court.

The Gaya police came under question once again when they claimed to have killed 11 Maoists in an encounter at Matgarha village in April 1999. However, the police story was found to be suspicious as no cop was killed or even seriously injured in the hour-long encounter in the forest though hundreds of rounds were claimed to have been fired from both sides, and also no bullet marks were found on trees or empty cartridge in the areas. This encounter too was also found to be fake during the course of investigation. It is alleged the cops herded the Maoists holding a meeting at a village to the nearby jungle, tied them to trees and shot them from a close range!

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