Girl student rained with 168 slaps for failing to complete homework

Girl student rained with 168 slaps for failing to complete homework

PATNA: A Grade six girl student was rained with 168 slaps by her classmates on the order of a teacher barely after she failed to complete her homework.

The girl Anushka Singh, 12, who is enrolled in a government-run school at Thandla in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, some 1,484 km west of Patna, has run into depression after the incident, police said.

Police said the girl had not finished homework since she was sick but her science teacher Manoj Kumar Verma refused to listen to her explanation and ordered her 14 classmates to slap her every day till she completes her homework.

“By the time she completed her homework, she had been slapped 168 times by her classmates as a result of which she has run into depression,” victim’s father Shiv Pratap Singh told the police in a written complaint.

He said her daughter couldn’t complete homework since she had taken leave from the class due to illness.

Singh said her daughter was slapped everyday between January 11 and January 16 this year by her 14 classmates. “Initially, she didn’t tell us anything about this punishment but this came to light after she fell sick again after recovering from her illness,” her father revealed.

Police said they were looking into the complaint and necessary action would be initiated soon. “Although the victim girl didn’t suffer serious wounds but such kind of punishment is totally unfair,” a local police official Shersingh Baghel told the media on Saturday.

“The incident was found to be true during the investigation,” the police official was quoted as telling the local media.

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