Highly disturbing: Pious family relationships at risk in Bihar

Highly disturbing: Pious family relationships at risk in Bihar

PATNA: Sounds weird but pious family relations are slowly at risk in Bihar.

In the past few months, a number of incidents have been reported in the media which indicate a very serious trend.

In a latest incident, a youth in Bihar attempted to rape his mother under the influence of liquor, forcing her to kill her son with her own hand.

The bizarre incident to place at Beninagar village under Demaria block of Gaya district on Sunday night.

As per reports, Chand Devi was preparing to go to bed on the fateful night when her eldest son came near her in an inebriated state and attempted to outrage her modesty under the influence of liquor although the alcohol remains totally banned in Bihar which enforced total prohibition in April last year .

Initially, the mother fought relentlessly trying hard to stop him and save the pious relationship between a month and the child but he refused to listen anything.

Left with no option, she picked up a bamboo stick in her hand and hit hard on her son’s head, leaving him dead on the spot. The woman instantly confessed to killing when the police reached the spot one getting the information.

“The woman said she killed her son in self-defence as she had no option. She also gave us the stick which she used to kill him but it appears the man was murdered with a sharp-edge weapon. We are investigating the case,” a local police official Amit Kumar told newsmen today.

This is not the lone incident of an attack on holy filial bond.

In October this year, the police arrested a man who allegedly had been raping his 13-year-old daughter for the past three years.

The man, a resident of Gulabbag locality in Purnia district had been sexually exploiting his daughter for long but eventually her patience ran short and she rushed to the local police to register a case against her father who was arrested soon.

Another man was arrested from Fatuha sub-division of Patna district in Bihar this year for similar charges.

The man had been allegedly raping his daughter for six months after which she rushed to the local police with her aunt and registered a case against her father, leading to his jail.

Another horrible incident was report from a village under Falka police station of Katihar district of Bihar when a girl was raped by her own cousin. The incident took place in May this year.

The victim was alone in her house when her cousin reached there and raped her at the point of gun before fleeing the scene. She reported the matter to her parents when they reached home. Later a case was registered with the local police.

Yet another such incident was reported from Patna district when a man kidnapped his six-year-old nephew for extortion although he was recovered later.

Initially, the man had sought a ransom of Rs40 lakh in lieu of his release but the deal was finally settled at Rs40 lakh. Eventually, the police rescued the boy whose father runs a medicine shops in Bakhtiyarpur locality of the district.

Social scientists term it as a very serious trend. “Till some time back none could have even imagined about this but now the modern culture has changed the entire scenario. What has virtually destroyed the social relationships is the access to internet and children’s detachment from family,” commented a prominent social scientist Sachindra Narayan.

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