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Huge crowd greets Lalu on his arrival in Patna to attend son’s wedding

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PATNA: A huge crowd turned up at the Patna airport to receive RJD chief Lalu Prasad who arrived here this evening to attend his son’s wedding to be solemnised  on May 12.

The crowd who shouted “Lalu tum aage badho, ham tumhare saath hain” and “Lalu tum mat ghabrana, tumhare pichhe Sara zamana” also followed him till 10, Circular Road, his official residence.

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Prasad arrived here after being granted 3-day parole. He had applied for five-day parole but was granted only three-day parole.

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Prasad’s son Tej Pratap Yada is to marry Aishwarya Rai, daughter of fomerf RJD minister Chandrika Rai, Saturday for which massive preparations are being made.

He had earlier missed the engagement ceremony of his son held last month.

Image courtesy: Social media

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