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Indian bride gifts helmets to guests to create awareness about road safety

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PATNA: A bride from the eastern Indian state of Bihar gifted dozens of helmets among the guests at the time her wedding to create awareness among the masses about the road safety. Not only that, she also forced the groom to wear helmet at the time of exchange of garland ceremony for what she described as charity begins at home.

The wedding of Shilpi Singh, daughter of Beni Madhav Singh from Siwan district, was fixed with Sandeep Kumar from the same district. On Friday, dozens of guests had arrived at bride’s home to attend her marriage.

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The guests were pleasantly surprised when they were called at the stage one by one and handed over a helmet as a gift by the bride with the message to drive carefully and save the previous lives. As many as 51 helmets were distributed among the guests.

If that was not enough, the bride even forced the groom to first wear helmet before throwing a garland around her neck.

The bride decided to create awareness about road safety after her maternal uncle who is police officer in Delhi recently met with serious accident and went into comma although he survived ultimately.

“I decided to make people aware about road safety after this accident and nothing could have been better than this auspicious occasion,” the bride told the media.

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Apart from getting higher studies, she added, it is also important for daughters that their husbands remain safe and secure for a happy marriage life.

She said she had taken prior permission from her would-be husband for this initiate adding her husband appreciated her move once coming to know about the idea.

Increasing road accidents have become a matter of serious concern in India, and according to a report, road accidents are claiming lives of 150,000 people every year—that mean 400 fatalities a day.

According to a Report on Road Accidents in India, 2016, published by the Ministry of Road Transport band Highways, Govt of India, the country recorded at least 480,652 accidents in 2016, leading to 1,50,785 deaths.

The number suggests that at least 413 people died everyday in 1,317 road accidents. Further breaking down the statistics, the data reveals that at least 17 deaths occurred in road accidents in 55 accidents every hour in the given time period. In 2015, 146,133 people had died in 501,423 accidents.

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