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Indian man breaks Ramdan fast to save boy suffering from thalassemia

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PATNA: A Muslim man from eastern Indian state of Bihar broke his holy Ramdan fast on Tuesday to save life of an eight-year-old Hindu boy suffering from thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin.

Authorities said Jawaid Alam, in his 30s, broke his fast and consumed some liquid as well as some solids to donate blood to seriously-sick Rajesh Kumar who required instant blood transfusion to survive. Alam went all out to save the child as none came forward to donate blood despite repeated appeals.

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As per reports, the child’s condition suddenly deteriorated on Tuesday after which the family admitted him to the local government hospital in Gopalganj town.

Reports said the attending doctors asked the family to instantly arrange for blood but the hospital had no blood marching the patient’s blood group.

Subsequently, the child’s family made fervent appeals to the people and in the social media for blood donation to save his son’s life but none came forward as boy’s condition kept on deteriorating further.

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In the meanwhile a hospital staff contacted Alam, a member of the District Blood Donation Team (DBDT) and requested for donating blood.

Reports said initially Alam hesitated on getting requests for blood donation but very soon he rushed to the hospital, choosing humanity over religion.

Within minutes Alam was available before the doctors to donate blood but the latter refused his offer saying he was on fast. The doctors set the condition for first breaking his fast and take some food before taking his blood. Finally Alam broke his fast but this was for a good cause.

“I broke my holy fast as I thought saving the life of child was more important than offering prayers. Every religions talk about humanity,” Alam told the media on Wednesday.

Alam’s gesture has now become a talk of the town as this comes a time when holy Ramdan is in progress during which Muslims observe fats for a full month.

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