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Indian man gifts toilets to villagers to mark niece’s wedding

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PATNA: A man from the eastern Indian state of Bihar gifted public toilet to the co-villagers to celebrate the wedding of his niece, drawing wide applause from local residents.

According to media reports, local villagers had gathered at the house of Sudhir Kumar Pappu, a resident of Newari village in Saran district, on Thursday evening to attend the wedding of his niece Kiran Kumari when they were handed out the unique gift.

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“Right in the midst of wedding rituals, he (Sudhir Kumar Pappu) got up from his seat and asked us to follow him. We were pleasantly surprised when he opened the newly-constructed toilet for all of us saying it is for public use. This is a memorable gift for all of us,” a local villager told the Gulf News on Friday.

Sudhir who practices law in Jamshedpur district court in Jharkhand said he thought of gifting the public toilet to his co-villagers after witnessing the sanitation problems being faced by them.

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“I don’t want the female members of any family to go out in open fields to meet nature’s call. I felt like it’s my responsibility to provide them with better solutions,” Sudhir explained.

According to an official report, around 16.5 million households out of over 110 million populations in Bihar currently do not have toilets in their homes, forcing the people to defecate in the open.

Right now, only 308 villages out of total over 44,000 in Bihar have been declared free from open defecation.

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