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JEE Main exam: How the candidates can calculate their rank

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Suppose you want to know what position do you hold after an examination? What will you do? For that, first, you will calculate your marks for the correct answers. Then you will ask your classmates to honestly tell you their marks. On the basis of the marks, you can decide the rank that you hold. Suppose you have given JEE entrance examination. Can you guess your rank by this manner in the entrance examination? No! You can’t. Even if you can calculate your marks you cannot tell your rank with full confidence. If you also want to know how to calculate your JEE main marks and rank, read this entire section.

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JEE Main Examination

JEE is an undergraduate entrance examination. National Testing Agency conducts the JEE Mains every year. It is for all the aspirants who want to study in the top engineering colleges of India. One can get admission in the various IITs, NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, etc. by cracking the JEE examination. JEE examination is held twice a year. This means a candidate can appear twice in a year for the entrance exam. One takes into account the better of the two JEE main marks for deciding the rank of the candidates.

JEE Main Marks and Rank

After your entrance examination is over, the very first thing that a candidate does is to check the total marks he can obtain. Suppose you roughly calculated your JEE main marks. Now what? How can you find your JEE rank? What will be your JEE main result? It is the question of every candidate who appears for the JEE entrance exam.

Everyone wants to know their rank based on their performance. They want to know the JEE main result that so that they have the idea of the colleges in which they can get admission. But simply guessing the rank on the basis of JEE main marks doesn’t help. There can be a situation when you are getting good marks but you are not among the top rank holder. There can be a reverse situation too. To understand the relationship between the JEE main marks and the ranks, first, let us get ourselves familiar with the exam pattern and the marking scheme.

JEE Marking Scheme

JEE examination, the paper I and paper II will be conducted in two shifts per day. A candidate can opt for one or both the papers of JEE Mains. A total of three hours will be given for solving the questions in examinations. In JEE examination, a candidate needs to answer the questions related to physics, chemistry, and mathematics for paper I. whereas paper II has three sections – Aptitude test, Mathematics, and Drawing Test.  A candidate will be provided four marks for each correct response. While one-fourth (1⁄4)th of the marks i.e., one mark is deducted for each of the incorrect answers. It is advisable not to take a chance as there is negative marking.

Paper I is computer based. Paper II is partly computer-based (for mathematics and aptitude test) and pen – and –paper based for drawing test. The total marks of paper I will be 360 marks. Whereas the paper II will be of 390 marks.

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JEE Main Marks Vs. Ranks

Every year, the institute declares the cut-offs. Based on this cut-offs, the candidates get admission in the institutes. Every year the JEE main marks change and accordingly the rank in the JEE main result. The result of a candidate is not category wise. The rank is purely based on the JEE main marks scored by a candidate. The JEE main marks and the rank help the candidate to get a rough idea where to seek admission during the   process. For determining the JEE main marks and ranks, the authority body considers the following factors

  • The number of applications received.
  • The difficulty level of the entrance examination.
  • The number of questions in the exam paper.
  • Correct response by the candidate.
  • Previous year JEE main marks and rank category.

Below is the list of the ranks based on the range of the JEE main marks.

JEE Main Marks JEE Main Ranks
336 – 360 1 – 20
310 – 335 21 – 225
251 – 300 226 – 1492
201 – 250 1493 – 5752
151 – 200 5753 – 18377
101 – 150 18378 – 57131
51 – 100 57132 – 240541
1 – 50 240542 – 984170
Negative marking – 0 984171 – 1074221

Steps to Check the JEE Rank

One can check his or her rank in the following steps

  1. Log in to the official website.
  2. Enter roll no. and date of birth.
  3. Click on the Submit button.
  4. The rank list will appear on the screen.
  5. Save it and check your rank.


JEE is the joint entrance examination. The National Testing Agency conducts the JEE Mains every year. The JEE main marks and ranks are announced every year.  Calculation of the ranks is on the basis of the JEE main marks of a student in the examination. The JEE main marks and the ranks do not differ for categories. The ALL INDIA RANKS is released without any bias for the categories. The category of a candidate is considered at the time of counselling.

A lot of engineering aspirants fill the application form of JEE. They aspire to study in one of the world’s best colleges. For that, they try to do the impossible. Every year a lot of aspirants try their luck for cracking one of the difficult entrance examinations. Even if you lose to crack the examination don’t get demoralized. Try one more time. You never know what is there for you.

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