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Jharkhand villager sleeps with dead father for six months hoping to get him alive

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PATNA: A man from the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has been caught sleeping with the body of his dead father for six months.

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The police found the man keeping the body at home located in Indira Colony locality of Giridih district in the weekend and sent it for postmortem. Police said the body was nearly decomposed and was emitting foul odour.

Vishwnath Prasad, 75, had died from prolonged illness in May this year but his son Prashant Kumar Sinha brought the body home without letting his neighbours and relatives know about this and kept the body in the corner of his room.

Reports said the man had applied chemicals and also used ice slabs in his bid to preserve the body but it decayed.

The entire story came to light after some villagers noticed bad smell coming out from the home and and went inside Sinha’s room to check if everything is OK.

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“Had I cremated his body, all his memories would have been destroyed at once. So I had kept his body at home for six months but the police forcible took it away,” the youth told the media on Sunday.

Local villagers say the youth had been trying to bring life back to the body through black magic.

Villagers said youth would burn many incense sticks at home to fight out bad smell but failed in his attempt.

Soon after getting information, the police rushed to the spot and sent the body for postmortem. The police also took then man with them but let him of after interrogation.

Police say the youth looks mentally disturbed.

Featured image caption: Prashant Kumar Sinha caught sleeping with his dead father 

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