Loyalty for Lalu means a confirmed ticket to Upper House

Loyalty for Lalu means a confirmed ticket to Upper House

PATNA: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad loves good food and those who won his hearts by serving gastronomic delight have been suitably rewarded either with a ticket to the Bihar legislative council—Upper House of the state legislature or Rajya Sabha—Upper House of the Parliament. This may sound bizarre but it is 100 percent correct.

In a latest case, the incarcerated RJD chief has picked up Khursid Mohsin, his trusted gardener, for the state legislative council, along with his wife Rabri Devi, former Bihar chief minister and two others. Khursid even filed his nomination papers for the council polls on Friday soon after the nomination process began.

As per reports, Khurshid who comes from Nalanda district won the hearts of the RJD chief by supplying fresh green vegetables to his house everyday with fail in the past 30 years. He has also been helping Prasad family with organic farming in their farmhouse.

“I have been rewarded for my service to my leader for 30 years. I come from an ordinary farmer family and grew choice vegetables of Laluji in the sprawling field of his official bungalow,” Khursid told the media on Friday adding he took care of his kitchen garden right when Prasad was the chief minister.

According to him, Prasad loves to eat green vegetables like pumpkin and sponge gourd. “Even today, Laluji addresses me as agriculture minister,” he admits.

Prior to him, Prasad nominated his famous cook Anwar Ahmad to the Legislative council for his brilliant culinary skills. As per reports, Ahmad was expert in preparing kebab and Prasad loved to devour it.

His cooking skills impressed the RJD chief so much so that he eventually nominated him to the Upper House of the Bihar legislative council in the mid 90’s. Even today, Anwar is more popular as “Kebab Mantri” (kebab minister) in the RJD circles.

They are not alone. All those who pleased Prasad in any way walked away with tickets for House. In early 90’s, the RJD chief had sent Brahmdeo Anand Paswan to Rajya Sabha as he had penned “Lalu Chalisa” (a forty-line verse) in praise of Prasad.

In the last assembly elections, he gave ticket to his close aide Bhola Yadav, known as his “Man Friday” in the Bihar political circles, and helped him win elections. Yadav had been managing his personal assignments and also giving advices in political matters, as per reports.

His another loyalist Rajniti Prasad who lent him legal help in fodder scam cases was also rewarded with a ticket to Rajya Sabha. The list is too long.

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