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‘Love ideology’ slowly destroying the powerful Maoist organisation in India

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PATNA: “Love ideology’ is weakening the powerful Maoist organization in India, slowly and steadily.

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Believe it or not, bitten by love bugs, the Maoists rebels have been quitting the organization to start life afresh after dumping the Left ideologies.

In a recent development, a Maoist couple who carried a reward of Rs One lakh each on their heads deserted the organization this weekend and surrendered before the police in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district after they were not allowed to produce babies.

Govinda Gagrai, 32 and Shanti Kandulna had been working for the Communist Party of India (Maoists), a powerful organisation of Maoists active in India, for long. While Govinda joined the organization in 2014, Shanti had been working for it from even before—since 2010.

Reports said both took part in several Maoist armed operations carried out by the organisation in twin states of Jharkhand and Odisha. It was during the time that they came close to each other and eventually fell in love.

Subsequently, they decided to get married. Prior to tying wedding knots, however, they thought it prudent to seek permission from the organization.

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They got the biggest shock of their life when they were warned against producing babies and were allowed to get married only after any of the two had sterilized themselves, police sources said.

In 2016, the love birds got married but prior to that Govinda had to go through sterilization process under the condition set by the organization.

Post wedding, they continued working for the organization but the development shocked them so much so that they decided to surrender before the police and start life afresh. Eventually they conveyed their wishes to the police through the family members and on Sunday, they finally surrendered.

“The squad members had been exploiting us too much and we were not able to enjoy our life,” the couple told the police during the time of surrender.

Some time back, another Maoist shooter Mangal Tuddu, 22 and his 17-year-old rebel girlfriend had surrendered in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur town with the dream to “build a home and start a family”.

“I am feeling free now. I know we both will have to go to jail for the crime we have committed. But once we come out, I would like to marry Mangal and start a family,” was how the minor girl had told the police, with her eye glittering with hope.

Last year, yet another elderly couple who were the members of the same CPI (Maoist) had surrendered before the Hyderabad police with the desire to lead a peaceful life. Reports said the two were looking after the Agitation Propaganda Committee, a publishing unit of the CPI (Maoist), Hyderabad.

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