Man on cycle seeks justice for his raped-and-killed daughter

Man on cycle seeks justice for his raped-and-killed daughter

PATNA: A villager in India’s Bihar state has been cycling to seek justice for his darling daughter who was raped before being killed in cold blood.

5-year-old Tannu was playing outside her house at Gewal Bigha in Gaya district on January 5 this year when she along with two other girls were lured by a perverted youth, taken to an isolated place and raped before being killed, local media reported today.  A day later, two other girls returned to their home but Tannu didn’t.

Acting on information provided by the girls, the police later arrested the accused and sent him to jail but victim’s father is not satisfied with his arrest and has launched an intensive campaign demanding capital punishment to the rapist.

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His campaign for justice is unique. Holding photographs of his daughter, the man travels on his rickety cycle wherever he goes and asks the villagers’ to help him get justice.

“I moved from pillar to post, from one office to another seeking attention of officials and demanding justice for my dead daughter but none showed any interest. Hence, I have hung my daughter’ photograph to my cycle so that villagers could see and lend their support to my demand,” Sanjay Kumar told the media.

A message attached with the photograph reads like this: “My murderer is still alive’”.

“I carry my dead girl’s photograph on my cycle to frequently remind the police about the incident. I won’t sit idle until the rapist is hanged,” he says, describing him as a threat to the society. “Nobody knows how many girls will become his victim if he stays alive,” he claims.

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