Man gets wife married to her boyfriend, also hands over his two children

Man gets wife married to her boyfriend, also hands over his two children

PATNA: A villager in Bihar married his wife with her boyfriend after she fell in love and wished to stay in his company.

The bizarre incident took place at Uchdih village in Hajipur, the headquarters of Vaishali district, in Bihar earlier this week.

As per reports, Arun Kumar had been married with Madhu Kumari more than a decade back. In due course, the couple had two children.

As the family grew little bigger and he required money to run his family, Arun left home in search of livelihood but then came the twist in his life.

In his long absence, his wife fell in love with a neighbour identified as Shrawan Kumar.

Earlier this week, the local villagers caught the woman in the company of her boyfriend and informed her husband.

Subsequently, a court was held at the village during which the woman expressed her wish to stay with her boyfriend saying she would not be alive without her lover.

Subsequently, man got his wife married to her boyfriend at a local temple in the presence of local villagers. He also got their marriage registered with the local court as confirmation of their marriage.

Before seeing his wife off, however, the man also handed over his two children to the newly-married couple to bring them up which they happily accepted. The unique marriage has now become a talk of the town.

“The woman was rigid to stay with her boyfriend, rather than her husband and hence we allowed them to get married,” a local Mukhia Nagendra Singh said.

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