Man marries off wife with younger brother, also hands over two-year-old daughter

Man marries off wife with younger brother, also hands over two-year-old daughter

PATNA: A villager in Bihar got his young wife married off to his younger brother shortly after coming to know that they have fallen in love and want to marry.

The bizarre incident took place at Ghogha village in Bhagalpur, an eastern Bihar’s district some 250 km east of Patna, on Thursday.

As per reports in the local media, Pawan Goswami, 30, married Priyanka Goswami some four years back and the couple had happy conjugal life.

Pawan suffered the biggest setback of his life only recently after coming to know that his wife is madly in love with his younger brother and want to marry him without any delay.

As all efforts to change her mind fell flat, Pawan eventually got a formal divorce from his wife and arranged the wedding ceremony for his wife and brother.

The wedding was solemnised at a local temple in which a large numbers of local villagers participated. The temple administration also issued a certificate to the newly-wed couple, validating their marriage.

“I didn’t want to spoil their happiness and hence I decided to marry my wife with my younger brother. I am happy that my wife is now happy with my younger brother,” Pawan was quoted as telling Gulf News on Friday.

He also wished a happy married to the newly-married couple and then handed over his two-year-old daughter to them, asking them take care of her in his absence.

Works done, the man left the village, sobbing inconsolably in public as local villagers tried hard to console him and requesting him to keep visiting the village at regular intervals.

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