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Man robs blood from blood bank in Jharkhand at pistol-point

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PATNA: A man robbed one unit of blood from a blood bank in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand on Thursday, prompting the police to order an investigation.

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The bizarre incident took place at agovernment-run Sadar Hospital located under Lower Bazar police station in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state.

As per media reports, a man got four men donate bloods at this bank earlier in the day and then carried three units with him for a patient admitted to this hospital.

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Sometime later, he returned to the blood bank again and sought for another one unit of blood.

However, as he was stopped by the blood bank officials who asked him to complete the basic official formalities before taking it away, he whipped out a revolver from his waist and ran away with the blood in hand.

The panicky officials had no option other than handing over the blood out of panic. This is the first time that anyone has looted blood at the point of gun.

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