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‘Indebted’ villagers take out funeral procession of street dog in Bihar

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PATNA: Villagers in Bihar on Sunday took out a funeral procession of a street dog and laid his body to rest with full respect after it died from cold on Saturday night. The entire village joined the procession and bade farewell to the animal with moist eyes.

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The mourning villagers performed the last rites of the dog nicknamed ‘Golu’ with full Hindu customs at Barapandeya village in southern Bihar’s Nawada district, some 117 km from Patna.

Villagers said ‘Golu’ was the darling of the entire village and would promptly alert them about the strangers at night. According to them, he won’t allow the strangers entering the village and would start barking furiously the moment he came across suspicious faces. This instantly alerted the local villagers bout some untoward happening.

“It was because of Golu that we always enjoyed sound sleep at night. He was always there to alert us whenever noticing any strangers trying to intrude into the boundary of the village,” a local villager Mritunjay Kumar said.

[/media-credit] The dead dog being carried for burial
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“We are indebted to his faithfulness…don’t know if we will be able to repay this debt,” he added.

“Just call him by name and he is there with his wagging tale,” he recounted adding he was not the dog but the part of their family. “He served us till his end, we can’t forget him,” villagers said.

This was the result of this bonding that entire village cried and then participated in his funeral procession taken out like a human being.

The incident reminds similar story that was reported from Chhattisgarh state early this week. There too, the villagers took out a funeral procession, buried it on the pond’s bank and them set up a memorial after it died.

According to villagers, the 130-year-old crocodile named ‘Gangaram’ never harmed any villagers in the local pond which was his home for more than 100 years. People bathed in the pond but he never harmed anyone.

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