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Villagers erect ‘Berlin Wall’ in the middle of road after brawl in Bihar

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PATNA: Villagers in the eastern Indian state of Bihar have erected “Berlin Wall” in the middle of the road after minor confrontation, separating two rival communities of Muslims from each other.

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Panapur village, tucked away in Muzaffarpur district, is populated by two groups of Muslims— Sheikhs and Ansaris.

It is home to some 70 Muslim families and both the communities had been living in peace for years until last month when they indulged in a fight while a feast had been organised at the village by one Bashir Miyan to celebrate wedding of his son.

The fight turned so serious, a group of villagers decided to ban the road for others. Eventually, a 300-meteres-long brick-wall was constructed in the middle of the road to divide the public street.

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Now, half of the road is being used by the Sheikh community people while the remaining space is being used by the Ansari community people, witnesses say.

The local district administration has termed the matter very serious and ordered an investigation into the case.

“Dividing the public road by erecting a boundary wall is completely unlawful and we are investigating the case,” the local Muzaffarpur district magistrate Mohammad Sohail told the media on Sunday.

A local resident Mohammad Salim Sheikh rued the way the road had been divided. “Well, they have divided the road but how will they divide the holy Quran?” asked Sheikh.

What is strange is that the new boundary wall comes at a times in Bihar when the real “Berlin Wall” no longer exits!

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