Nitish Kumar under fire for ‘misusing the mandate’ for second time in four years

Nitish Kumar under fire for ‘misusing the mandate’ for second time in four years


PATNA:Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has come under fire for frequently “misusing the mandate” delivered by the masses in the last two elections.

What has made the people raise fingers over his credibility is the way the chief minister chose to “dishonor” the mandate for the second time in a row.

He has been changed with changing his allies even without completing his full term and then letting his government run with paper-thin majority with the help of opposition.

This was first on display when Kumar broke the long-standing alliance with the BJP in June 2013 and then took the support of the RJD, Congress, Left and a few Independents who fought against the NDA in the elections.

The chief minister struggled hard to complete his rest two year tenure with water-thin majority while the voters had handed out historic mandate to Kumar-led NDA in 2010 assembly elections.

The NDA had got 206 seats in 23-members Bihar assembly, thus virtually decimating the opposition.

Post alliance break-up with the BJP and his subsequent severe defeat during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls when his party won only two seats out of state’s total 40, Kumar faced the existential crisis in the national politics.

Subsequently, Nitish Kumar rushed into the company of the secular parties, such as the RJD and the Congress party, and formed a grand alliance with the claim to take on the BJP in the elections.

The coming together of Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad and Sonia Gandhi had made a deadlier alliance as the Narendra Modi-led BJP was badly trounced in the 2015 assembly elections despite the Prime Minister holding as many as 30 rallies in the state and the BJP deploying nearly all its ministers and top leaders in the state.

Such was the appeal of this alliance that the voters gave it huge mandate with 178 seats in the assembly but barely 20 months into the government, Kumar has again stunned the people by suddenly breaking alliance with secular grouping and then swiftly walking into the company of the BJP which he had earlier termed as “communal” and “trying to divide the nation”.

“Nitish Kumar has cheated us. We were very much aware about his activities for the past three-four months,” said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. He said the masses had given mandate to Kumar for leading a fight against communal forces but he ditched them. “The man has no credibility,” he observed.

Another senior Congress leader Shakeel Ahmad said the mandate had been given to the secular alliance in Bihar but Kumar has disappointed everyone with his actions.

“Just everyone is wondering at his act. The man who got the mandate fighting against the BJP has surprisingly joined hand with the same party. We had never expected such from him,” rued Ahamd and wondered over the way the political developments changed so swiftly. “The entire plot was pre-planned,” he alleged.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad appeared even bitterer towards Kumar for his what he called a “treacherous act”. “The mandate was against BJP for five years but he ditched. He is a rank opportunist, a ‘Bhasmasoor’ (destroyer),” Prasad told the media today, referring to Nitish Kumar.

He also alleged the entire match was fixed. “The way the Governor was called in, resignation was submitted, a meeting of NDA lawmakers was held hurriedly and handed out a letter of support to him amply explains the entire match was fixed,” Prasad alleged and mocked the credibility of the chief minister whose DNA was questioned by the Prime Minister during the assembly elections.

It is worth mentioning here that Keshari Nath Tripathi who happens to be the governor of West Bengal is also in charge of Bihar as the post fell vacant after his colleague Ram Nath Kovind was named NDA’s Presidential candidate.

He also alleged the entire case against his son and Tejashwi Yadav and his family was registered with the behest of the chief minister under a political conspiracy.

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