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No #MeToo for the political class of India?

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PATNA: Women in India, overcoming shame, trauma and embarrassment, are sharing their experiences of sexually assault and harassment calling out their tormentors amidst bouquets and brickbats- on social media.

Interestingly the highly vocal political fraternity of the country seems to have lost its voice.

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So far only one mainstream political figure has come out in open support for the #MeToo movement- Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee President Sachin Pilot.

Pilot is the only known political face in the country to have taken the onus of acknowledging the courage of the women heading #MeToo by tweeting in their support, calling out public to support the cause and the fight.

This lone tweet and show of support stands in complete contrast to the silence of the rest of political leadership of our country.

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Pilot’s  support brings forth an important aspect of public realisation that more than show of strength our women need validation and acknowledgment by those in power for their experiences to fight and win!

In the age of social media a single tweet is a potent tool of change which can make or break movements and our political fraternity needs to shed the obscurity and silence for our women to be empowered.

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