Officials puzzled as village with 900 houses goes ‘missing’ in Bihar

Officials puzzled as village with 900 houses goes ‘missing’ in Bihar

PATNA: A village in Bihar has gone “missing” for long and the officials are yet to locate it despite the best efforts on their part.

According to official records, the “missing” Boniganj village with 897 houses is located under Sonahathu panchayat in Hanspura block of Aurangabad district but during a physical check, it was not found to be existing at the place as marked in the record.

Recently, the Aurangabad district magistrate held up salary of five officers for failing to locate the village and then engaged the BDO concerned to search for it but he too failed in his attempt.

“Yes, the district magistrate told me to search for this village but I found no such village located under my block. I am not sure if such village really exists on the ground or not,” block development officer, Hanspura, Amaresh Kumar was quoted as telling the media.

The local district administration launched extensive searches to locate the “missing” village in the state last month after finding that it has largest number of houses without toilets.

As such, the administration wanted to provide all the houses with toilet facilities so as to declare the concerning panchayat as “open defecation free”.

But, as the village with highest number of houses without toilets is yet to be “discovered”, the panchayat concerned remains to be declared as free from open defecation.

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