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Passenger misses flight due to lack of sanitary napkins at Patna airport

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PATNA: A woman passenger missed her flight at the international airport in Patna in the weekend owing to non-availability of sanitary napkins in the areas.

Sounds weird but that’s what happened with a 19-year-old passenger Kanak Lata Pathak who is employed in a leading apparel firm in southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

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Pathak had reached Patna on Saturday morning to see her ailing friend and had booked the day flight to return to Hyderabad the same.

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As ill luck would have it, she began menstruating once she reached the airport to catch the return flight. With the flight time drawing closer, she ran around in the airport areas looking for pharmacy or an outlet to buy sanitary napkins but could not.

As a last hope, she rushed inside the women restroom inside the security hold areas where a non-government organization had recently installed the sanitary pad vending machine but that machine too was found out of order.

With enough time consumed in searching for hygiene materials, she finally ran towards the SpiceJet check-in counter just 25 minutes prior to departure of flight when the door of the flight had already been shut. She was not allowed to enter inside despite repeated requests and had to stay back to catch the next flight the very next morning.

“The delay in scouting for a pharmacy caused delay as I reached the check-in counter 25 minutes before the departure of my flight. I was crying. Despite my repeated requests, the airline staffs denied my entry on the flight,” the woman passenger told the media on Monday.

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