Policing & schooling: This Bihar cop imparts free education to poor children

Policing & schooling: This Bihar cop imparts free education to poor children

PATNA: Police in India are rather infamous for their “negative image” but away from this general perception, a senior policeman from Bihar has set an example for the society by starting a free school for poor children from the slum area.

The free school has been set up in the building of a government primary school at Hajipur in Vaishali district. Around 100 children are currently enrolled in the school running since June 2016.

What is special about this free school is that the police official takes classes in his police uniform. But why a policeman in uniform, and not in civvies, in the classroom?

“Watching a policeman in uniform sitting beside them and taking classes will not only drive out their deep-rooted fear for the cops but will also prevent children from indulging in anti-social acts in future,” police official Madhurendra Kumar told Gulf News over phone on Monday.

Kumar who is the brainchild of the idea is posted as the Station House Officer of the Industrial Police Station, Hajipur in neighouring Vaishali district.

According to the police official, the initiative will ultimately help reform the society. “Poor children from slum areas normally tend towards anti-social acts, such as gambling, stealing, pick-pocketing or idling away time if they have no assignments and opportunities. And, the very initiative will ultimately contain such types of diversions which means check in crime graph,” explained Kumar.

He said the present availability of policemen in Bihar was far short of requirements and such initiative could indeed lessen pressure on the policemen in the end. “So, idea serves twin purposes. Educating children on the one hand and then enforcing discipline in their life on the other,” the official said, adding “a nation can’t grow until the next generation remains uneducated”.

The official got this idea from his previous posting in a Maoist-affected district. “Maoists changed their outlook towards us and accepted us as their ‘well-wishers’ when we admitted their children to schools and provided free education materials for study. The result was there was a sharp decline in the Maoist violence in the district,” he revealed.

Although the police official always remain busy in his official assignments with the challenge to maintain law and order situation in the areas yet he spares one hour of duty every day to impart teaching to the children. “I never miss to be on time and teach them all subjects from Grade One to Five,” the official said.

The free classes go for the entire week, from Monday to Friday. In case of his absence during the time of emergency, his subordinates or local college-going girls take classes. The free schooling has now become a biggest hit now.

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