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Poor Bihar villager yokes sons to plough like oxen to till farmland

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PATNA: A poor villager in Bihar yoked his younger sons to a plough to till his farmland as he couldn’t afford to keep oxen at home or hire a tiller machine.

The heart-moving story was reported from Saran, the home Lok Sabha constituency of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) parliamentarian and former federal minister of state for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

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Local residents were shocked and surprised when they saw Jawahar Rai, a resident of Makhdumganj village in Saran district, getting his sons, Amar Kumar and Ranjeet Kumar yoked like oxen to plough his land this week while his wife Leelawati Devi sows maize seeds in the land.

Reports said quite 50 percent of farmers had not transplanted paddy seedling or other crops in the field owing to poor rainfall.

Finally when the rains lashed the region last week, there was a mad scramble among the farmers to plough the land and sow the seeds without any delay for a good harvest.

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Rai was, however, short of any alternative as he was too poor to arrange for a pair of oxen or hire tiller machine to plough his land.

Eventually, he yoked his children to the plough his farmland and sow the seeds but this picture was caught in the social media and this made headlines.

“I requested neighbours to give tiller machine for a day but they refused since they themselves were busy in ploughing the land. I had no alternative other than yoking my children. Had I not done this, we would have left starving,” asked Rai with desperation writing large on his wrinkled face.

Rai said his family was surviving on extricating red sands from the local river but now that the sand mining has been banned, the entire family has been left battling for survival. “Who loves to yoke his children to a plough? But what other we could have done?” asked their mother Leelawati Devi.

Image courtesy: Social Media

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