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Price of love: Lovers killed, burnt on same funeral pyre in Bihar

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PATNA: In another incident of “horror killing” a pair of young lovers was chopped to death before being consigned to flames at the same place in Bihar.

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The macabre incident took place in southern Bihar’s Gaya district in the weekend.

Police said young lovers who hailed from different castes had fallen into love while attending coaching classes in the areas.

Subsequently, boy eloped with the girl and the married her at a local temple which angered girls’ parents.

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The parents reacted by registering a case against the boy after which he was arrested and sent to jail.

Just few days back, the youth had come out of jail and was trying to meet his sweetheart again when he was kidnapped and taken to the river bank.

Later, the girl too was brought to the same place. Then both were killed one by one. As per media reports, they were chopped into pieces before being cremated on the same funeral pyres.

The police have arrested three persons including girl’s father and uncle in connection with the grisly murder. According to police, the arrested accused persons have confessed to killing the lovers.

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