Rabri Devi protests suspension of five RJD members from House

Rabri Devi protests suspension of five RJD members from House


PATNA: Bihar council chairman Haroon Rashid had the challenging moments on Wednesday when RJD lawmaker Rabri Devi sat on dharna right in the well of the House to protest suspension of her five party colleagues.

The opposition had brought an adjournment notice in the House alleging misuse of CBI and implication of RJD chief Lalu Prasad by the central agency at the behest of PMO, CM Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Sushil Modi.

As the Chair rejected the notice, the opposition continued with their demand and created ruckus in the House, promting the Chair to suspend five RJD members for two days. They included Radhacharan Seth, Subodh Rai, Dilp Rai, Qamare Alam and Khurshid Mohsin.

In protest, Rabri rushed into the well of the House and sat on dharna along with other members.

She refused to budge even after repeated requests by the Chair and called off her protest only after the Chairman cancelled their suspension.

“The government has been trying to throttle the voice of the opposition and we had no option but to sit on dharna,” Rabri told the media today.

Congress member Prem Chandra Mishra too expressed concern over the conduct of the government.

“The government has been refusing to look into our demands and when we put our demand, they switch off the mikes of the opposition members. This is very unfairg,” Mishra said alleging that this all was being done at the behest of the BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi.

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