Rats brought floods to Bihar, says Nitish govt minister Lalan Singh

Rats brought floods to Bihar, says Nitish govt minister Lalan Singh

PATNA: Want to know what caused devastating floods to Bihar this year—rats!

Sounds weird but that’s what feels Bihar water resources minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh who finds rats as the biggest threat to the state.

“Rats are the main reason behind the seepage of Kamla Balan River. Villagers tend to store their grains on the banks thus attracting the rodents. These animals then carve out holes in the embankments thus weakening the foundation,” Singh was quoted as saying by News18.com today.

Singh put blames on the poor, tiny rodents after conducting a review of the prevailing flood situation in Bihar today.

The opposition RJD, however, rubbished the claim of the minister saying the latter was using rats as a cover to hide his failures.

“It’ a shame the state government is blaming rats for breach in river embankments to hide its own guilt; it’s a criminal negligence is responsible for this,” said RJD spokesman Shakti Singh Yadav.

“Flood shave not come, rather it has been brought by the state government. Despite being alerted by the district magistrates from various districts, such as Gopalganj and Darbhanga, the state government did nothing,” he alleged.

Floods have affected over 1.71 crore (17.1 million) population settled in 19 districts of Bihar, destroyed standing crops planted in over five lakh hectares of land, damaged around 2,500 homes, and also claimed 514 lives till date, indicating the severity of the devastation.

Earlier the police department had blamed rats when large stocks of liquor went mysteriously missing from the police malkhanas (store rooms).

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