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Rats! Look who is getting drunk in ‘dry’ Bihar

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PATNA: Rats in Bihar have once again been accused of guzzling liquors stored in police store rooms.

Authorities came to know about the “drunkard” rats after they found huge numbers of beer bottles packed inside seized carton empty with big holes in their caps.

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The incident was reported from Kaimur, a south-western district some 200 from Patna.

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Reports said the authorities were taking out the liquor bottles and beer cans from the store rooms to destroy them on Monday when they noticed several beer cans empty.

Bihar has imposed total ban on consumption of liquor in the state and hence the authorities have been destroying the illegal liquor stocks seized during raids on time to time.

“Prime facie the beers cans seem to have been destroyed by rats in the store rooms. We saw big holes in the bottle cans when we opened the cartons,” a local sub-divisional magistrate Kumari Anupama told the local media on Monday.

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