Rats! Look who is getting tipsy in India’s ‘dry’ Bihar

Rats! Look who is getting tipsy in India’s ‘dry’ Bihar

PATNA: The ongoing alcohol ban in Bihar has thrown up a fairly new problem before chief minister Nitish Kumar.

With police malkhanas having turned storehouses of the seized liquor bottles post, naughty rat are saying “cheers” all the time!

With liquor available in plenty, rats are gnawing at liquor pouches and making holes in caps of whisky bottles with their sharp teeth, apparently getting them drunk.

Informed sources said “drinking addiction” among the rodents are causing waste of alcohols as intoxicating substance are flowing on the surface of storehouses after being damaged.

Quite few wine bottles reportedly got damaged after being fallen on the ground as the tipsy rodents ran over them in jest.

“We are perturbed since the blame will be ultimately put on us. Rats are breaking liquor bottles and nibbling liquor pouches. The problem with us is that rats don’t know about liquor ban in the state; only we people are aware about this” asked a policeman wishing not to be quoted.

Reports said the railway cops are the most worried lot as it is the railway police who have seized most of the liquor bottles while being smuggled from one part of the state to another by trains.

Majority of liquor bottles/pouches were seized Patna-Hatia superfast, Ganga-Damodar Express, Farakka Express and Garib Rath.

As per an official report, the railway police have seized more than 2,000 foreign liquor bottles and 4,000 pouches of country-made liquor from the Patna railway station alone in the past three months since the total prohibition was imposed in April this year.

The problem with the police is that they are required to keep safe the seized liquor as a proof until the cases are disposed off.

The Patna railway station is already infested with mighty rodents walking fearlessly on tracks and preying on thrown-away foodstuffs.

Quite many times, the authorities invited tenders to kill rats but nothing concrete has come out of this till date.

The railway police have also registered a total of 107 cases for violating liquor laws and arrested 200 people, including 80 women carriers, in this connection.

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Courtesy: The Statesman

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