Shami delivers another bouncer of romantic image with wife to wish New Year

Shami delivers another bouncer of romantic image with wife to wish New Year

Mumbai: Indian pacer Mohammed Shami, who was trolled earlier for posting his wife’s sleeveless image on social media, posted yet another romantic picture of him with his wife Hasin Jahan on Twitter on Sunday to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

He even wrote a couplet on Twitter: “Na Sathi Hai Na Hamara Hai Koi Na Kisi Ke Hum Na Hamara Hai Koi Par Apko Dekh Kar Keh Sakte Hain Ek Pyarasa humsafar hai Koi. Happy new Year.”

The lines if roughly translated into English means, “I have neither any companion, nor is anybody mine or I belong to anyone, but seeing you I know there is a loving fellow traveller with me. Happy New Year.”

Mohammed Shami gave a strong response on Dec 26 to those who criticised him and his wife as she was wearing a sleeveless outfit.

The Indian cricketer was trolled on social networking site after he shared his picture with his wife and child.

His wife Hasin Jahan was sporting a sleeveless outfit in the picture.

One netizen, who called himself MD Musharof Taluckder, commented below the picture posted by Shami with his wife: “Are you Muslim?”

There were several other Shami fans who came out in support of the cricketer and posted their comments below the picture.

Meanwhile, Shami expressed in his own words that his family and choices will not be changed by what the social networking world commented.


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