Teen-aged lovers tied to pole, beaten for ‘defying social custom’

Teen-aged lovers tied to pole, beaten for ‘defying social custom’


PATNA: Teenaged lovers in Bihar were badly beaten up after being tied to an electric pole in the latest incident indicating the conservative villagers are just not ready to accept the changing trend in the society.

Reports said villagers caught the lovers, hailing from Katra police station in Muzaffarpur district, meeting secretly and tied their hands.

Very soon, they were brought to the village and a court was urgently held over the issue. The court after coming to know about their story, ordered them to be tied and beaten up for “breaking the social norms”, witnesses said. The court also imposed a fine of Rs51,000 on both of them.

Subsequently, the lovers were tied to an electric pole and beaten up by the villagers as they prayed for mercy.

TV footages showed the lovers getting tied to long ropes and villagers, both young and old, taking turns to beat them with bamboo sticks. The girl too was beaten.

Reports said the incident took place last week but came to the knowledge of the local media after the video of the incident went viral in the social media. The police said they were investigating the case.

The incident comes close on the heels of similar story reported in October this year from Nawada district where a teenaged Muslim girl was tied to a tree and flogged on the order of the villager court for falling in love with a Hindu boy.


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