‘Tired’ driver abandons train midway through journey, reaches home for rest

‘Tired’ driver abandons train midway through journey, reaches home for rest

PATNA: A train driver in Bihar stationed his train at a far-off railway station in Bihar and fled the scene saying he was too tired to move forward.

The incident took place at Sirari railway station on the Keul-Gaya railway line in Sheikhpura district, some 113 KM south-east of Patna, on Tuesday.

As per reports, the driver had been constantly on duty for the past 16 hours and was in no mood to carry his train to the final destination.

Eventually, he abandoned the train at Sirari station and left for home to take rest without informing his senior officials as a result of which the train remained stranded at the station almost for the whole day on Tuesday, much to the inconvenience of the passengers.

The train resumed its journey only after another driver was rushed to the spot but by the time the alternate arrangement was made, it had already killed precious 10 hours of the passengers who wanted to reach home early in the winter season.

“When we contacted the driver to know about his whereabouts, he said he was too tired to resume his journey and going his home to take rest,” a local railway official Jyoti Mandal was quoted as saying in Gulf News on Wednesday.

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