Too drunk to wed: Angry bride tells Bihar groom to get lost quickly

Too drunk to wed: Angry bride tells Bihar groom to get lost quickly

PATNA: A soon-to-be-married bride in Bihar asked the groom to leave the venue quickly after the latter begun dancing under the influence of alcohol and behaved improperly with the guests during the wedding ceremony.

The peculiar incident took place at Udaipur village in Samastipur district on Friday evening but was reported in the media only today.

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The marriage of Neelam Kumari, daughter of Ram Pukar Ram, had been fixed with a local boy Mohan Kumar.

As per the scheduled programme, the groom came with the wedding procession on Friday but lost his balance as he was heavily drunk.

Reports said even before the rituals could start, the drunk groom came out of his car and began dancing indecently in the presence of guests. He also behaved obscenely with the young girls who had come to attend the wedding.

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As the news reached the bride, she refused to marry the groom and also asked him to leave the wedding venue as quickly as possible.

Instantly, the bride side held hostage the groom family and allowed them to go after they promised to return the dowry soon.

The girl who rejected marriage had appeared at the matriculation examination held this year while the groom is stated to be illiterate.

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